Foam Protection System

One and the only economical & viable fire extinguishing mechanism with liquid fuel fires is the Foam fire protection system. With the growing demand of these fuels in the modern age the storage, handling & transportation of these fuels need to be protected thoroughly as they are highly flammable.


Elimination of Oxygen from the fuel surface by an effective blanket formation of foam is the mechanism of killing a fire in this system. However getting the right mixture(concentrate, water & air), quantity & quality of this foam again needs thorough understanding, engineering and selection of the correct, tested & approved combination of equipment & foam concentrate(available in different types and different percentage concentrates, etc,) lies in the hands of experienced engineers.

Multiple hydraulic calculations & many a times reverse calculations will have to be performed to ensure the foam quantity remain for the desired period of operation. Yet again at Heba India, we have such experience with many such systems designed, erected & tested successfully. We do have the software for running such complicated hydraulic calculations.