About Company

Heba India is involved in the designing and execution of complex, advanced commercial & industrial related Fire Protection Systems, Low Current Systems like Fire Alarm Systems, Public Address two way communication systems and Building Management Systems.

We lead the way across a diverse range of disciplines, from designing the tallest commercial/residential buildings to power plants/hazardous refineries across the globe. As the requirement of our clients become more complex, the solutions delivered by Heba become more and more innovative.


Heba India is integrated design engineering firm located in India’s IT Capital Bangalore. We can offer wide range of design solutions in the field of fire protection, low current system & building management system.

The simplest articulation of what we do is "Understand, Design, Support":


Heba understands the requirements of our clients, convey them proper methodology required in knowing their requirement. Complete understanding the requirement is the basic step in providing the proper/economical design.


Heba designs advanced Fire Protection, Low Current & Building management systems. Whatever we design, we apply the same passion and creativity combined with rigorous quality standards.


Our clients choose Heba because they have confidence in our infrastructure & the capability of design team in providing the accurate, cost effective solution for any complex problem. We ensure that deadlines are met, costs are controlled and success is delivered.


Providing with world class products and as per standard requirements, Heba has expertise in handling any kind of execution of all fire systems. Along with ensuring the best price our team of professionals are equipped to complete projects within the specified time.


The Engineering Manager, The Chief Engineer form the core top management team. Between them lies an astonishing 37 years of vast experience in fire systems alone, they are young & Energetic having worked with various standards in various countries. Continually equipped with updates of latest technology involved in the field of fire protection and system engineering.

All top three have had long lasting relation with our business associates viz., Heba Fire & Safety Equipments Co. Ltd. – Saudi Arabia.

The middle management consists of electronics & mechanical engineers along with Cad personnel experienced in Pipiing, Electrical & Instrumentation designs.

All the above gell as a cohesive unit & are able to provide efficient & quick and accurate solutions to the customers.

Overall the management is quite capable to lead the people towards safety.